Earn By Referring New Users

Double Location now has a referral/affiliate program. You can earn income by inviting people to use the product.

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth has been a huge growth contributor to Double Location before and after our launch. We want to keep the community network effect flowing by adding a cash bonus to referrals. Referring the product to new users is now incentivized.

If you have a website, blog, newsletter, forum, mobile app, or you’re just a really popular person, our new referral program is for you. As well as earning a passive income stream, you could bring convenience to more people.

How the referral program works

When somebody place an order using your unique link, you earn a x% commission on the order (Commission rate is based on our estimates of your influence) . 

The referral program is currently by application only. This basic vetting process is intended to limit bad actors from sharing the platform by means of spam e-mail or unsolicited messages. We kindly ask all our users to only promote the platform on legitimate mediums and to be careful not to make any false representations.

To apply for the referral program, message us and tell us in a few sentences why you’re applying for the program and how you’re going to be sharing your unique link. Once approved, you’ll be able to grab your special link from our system and view your live referral statistics.

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  • Anderson

    very good, very fast, works perfectly!

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