Must-Read For iOS13

-----The following content is the old solution for iOS13-----------

-----For new solution (April 8 update) on iOS13, please click HERE-----


Our products support iOS13, BUT have some limitations. Although with limitations, Double Location is still the easiest method for iOS13 GPS simulation in the market.

By default, in iOS13 you could only spoof GPS to a radius of 15~20km to your actual position because Apple set new system restriction.

If you want to work around the iOS13 distance limit, please follow our video tutorial carefully:


Here's a text version guide for you:

  1. Connect Double Location Device
  2. Turn off "Location Services"
  3. Lock location on Double Location App (Just choose the location you want and tap the "Lock Position" button, the blue location indicator circle will not move at this step)
  4. Turn on "Airplane Mode"
  5. Turn on "Location Services"
  6. Lock location on Double Location App (When you revisit our app, the location should be moved and locked to the new location. You can lock anywhere without limitation)
  7. Turn off “Airplane Mode”

This is a temporary solution to bypass the 15~20km restriction. If your location is not moved. Please repeat the steps. You need to repeat steps above before moving to a new place.

Please be aware that the spoofed location may not be locked for a long time due to the iOS 13 automatically kills apps from memory whenever they aren’t in use. 

Some tips to increase the stability on iOS13:

  • Turn off Find My iPhone: [Settings] -> [Your Account] -> [Find My] -> [Find My iPhone] -> Turn Off
  • Use WiFi Under Airplane Mode: Turn on Airplane mode & Connect WiFi

We highly recommend to have an iPhone with iOS12 for our product.


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