iOS14/13 Solution Available Now

Dear Customers,

Good news!

Through the efforts of the Double Location team during the past months, the iOS14/13 solution has been successfully developed. Now you could enjoy Double Location on iOS14/13 with almost the same using experience on iOS12. With no distance limits or time limits anymore!

iOS14/13 solution [Cross Mode] is now available for all the models.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have the latest app v1.0(400) If you don't have, please install from USER GUIDE
  2. Open the App and plug the device. Go to [About] - [Cross Mode] - Turn on the switch - choose [Allow] - enter password
  3. Open Airplane mode, Connect to WiFi (you can only use WiFi as the network)
  4. Go to iPhone's [Settings] - [Privacy] - [Location Services] - Turn off - Wait for at least 3 seconds - Turn on again
  5. Now you can lock your location anywhere without any distance limits or time limits on  iOS14/13


    • If your iPhone is still on iOS12, we recommend you stay on iOS12. (iOS12 is still the best environment for our product. Once you upgrade to iOS13, you cannot downgrade to iOS12 anymore.)
    • For Pokemon Go player, we highly recommend you stay at iOS12.
    • Double Location is the only solution that can also simulate altitude on iOS14/13.

    For iOS14, this method only works for iOS 14 Official Version. If you are on iOS14 Beta version, make sure you upgrade to official version first. If you see the app icon is white on iOS14, just ignore it, it has no influence on the operation.

    We hope our product can help our customers solve some problems during this coronavirus lockdown/quarantine period. We greatly value our users and stand ready to support you through this challenging time for us all.

    Stay safe and stay strong!

    Double Location Team


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