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Dear Customers,

Recently, we have frequently received help requests from people that bought devices from unknown sources. They found the device/app didn't work after several days, and could not get in contact with the seller anymore. We sympathize deeply with those victims, however, we could not provide any help, because their device is not bought from the our official shop. 

We have already found knockoffs in the market. Double Location has to remind customers: 

Double Location Team is the developer and manufacturer of the product. We have ONLY ONE OFFICIAL online shop -- We DO NOT have any other brands/names.
  • The content on is 100% original content, any similar content you found somewhere else is an immoral copyright infringement without our permission.
  • Every review on is 100% from a real customer. We never write shameless fake reviews.
  • So far, this product is not fully compatible with iOS13 (has some restrictions, see About iOS13). Any advertisement for "Compatible with iOS13 / iOS13 Supported" is an intentional misleading.

Every user of Double Location has a unique account to access TOOLKIT for guides, app updates, tips, and customer service. We will not activate your account or provide any customer service if your device is from unknown sources. 

For your safety, privacy, and usage in the long run, please only buy from Double Location Official Shop.


Double Location

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  • Mohamed hedi Khemiri

    Good product

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