You must read the following disclaimer before continuing to use Double Location App (the "App"). The following disclaimer prompts the user the risk of using the app and the impact on the user's mobile phone system. If the user chooses to accept and continue to use the app, it is regarded as the user agrees and confirms that Double Location Development Team (the "Team") assumes no responsibility for the risks and damages.

1. The user confirms that he or she knows all the functions of the app and the necessary operations for achieving the functions of the app. He or she voluntarily chooses to use the app and related services according to his own needs. The user entirely bears the risks and consequences arising from the use of the app and related services, while the app and the team assume no responsibility.

2. The app communicates with the Double Location Device through the Apple External Accessory Framework. The device communicates with iPhone/iPad through the IAP framework and provides GPS location for debugging. The user confirms that the product should be used within the scope of the law, and should not be used for any commercial purposes, and must not violate local laws and regulations and public order. The user entirely bears any breach of contract, infringement, crime, and any loss and liability caused by the use of the app.

3. The app does not disclose any personal data provided by the user during the use of the app to the third party in any way except the user's consent. When the government or the judiciary require the team to disclose data under legal procedures, the app provides data according to the requirements of the law enforcement or for public safety. In this case, the app and the team do not bear any responsibility.

4. The app has been thoroughly tested, but it is not guaranteed to be fully compatible with all hardware and software systems. There is no guarantee that the app is completely error-free. In the event of incompatibility and errors, the user can inform the team through various feedback channels to obtain technical support. If the compatibility issue cannot be resolved, the user can delete the app.

5. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, damages and risks resulting from the use or inability to use the app, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal damage, loss of commercial profit, trade interruption, loss of business information or any other economic loss, the app and the team assume no responsibility.

6. The app and the team are not responsible for any damages caused by telecommunication systems or Internet network failures, equipment failures, viruses or hacking, information corruption or loss, equipment system problems or any other force majeure.

7. The user must read this disclaimer in detail before downloading and installing the app. When the user violates the terms of the “User Agreement,” the team has the right to, including but not limited to, stop providing services, restrict the use, and legal investigations.

The invalidation of any or all of the terms in this agreement does not affect the validity of the other terms.