Must-Read For iOS13 Users

Must-Read For iOS13 Users

Our products could work on iOS13, BUT have some limitations. (Although with limitations, it's still the best method for iOS13 GPS simulation in the market.)

By default, in iOS13 you could only spoof GPS to a radius of 15~20km to your actual position because Apple set new system restriction.

If you want to work around the iOS13 distance limit, please follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Turn off "Wi-Fi" & "Celluar Data"
  2. Turn off "Location Services"Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services - Turn Off
  3. (Optional, only if the location is not moved in step 6) Reset Location & Privacy: Settings >> Reset >> Reset Location & Privacy
  4. Lock your location on our companion app: Make sure it's above 20kms away. (Just tap the "Lock Position" button, the blue location indicator circle will not move at this step)
  5. Turn on "Location Services"  When you revisit our app, the location should be moved and locked to the new location now.
  6. Turn on "Wi-Fi" & "Celluar Data"

This is a temporary solution to bypass the 20km restriction. If your location is not moved in step 6, please repeat step 2-6 and make sure reset location & privacy in step 4. You may need to repeat steps above before teleporting to a new place.

Please be aware that the spoofed location may not be locked due to the iOS 13 automatically kills apps from memory whenever they aren’t in use.